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Candidate for

Collier County School Board

District 1

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A Mama Bear with Conservative Values for our Public Schools

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Hello, I'm Kimberly 

I am a conservative, Christian mother who believes

in civic responsibility, and taking action.

I care about the students of Collier County Public Schools.  My passion is to serve.

Our education system has eroded and needs to be restored to its former glory.  On average 38% of Collier County Public School students are not proficient in English Language Arts (ELA) & Math.  Academic excellence for all students has taken a backseat in Collier County Public Schools and in schools across our nation and I want to bring it back.

"The greater the trust the greater the duty to be worthy of that trust"
Margaret Thatcher


Students and Parental Rights


With Integrity and Courage


The Foundations of Academic Excellence and Traditional Values

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Common Sense


My Goal

As A Collier County School Board Member

I will put students first and represent the parents and taxpayers of this county by respecting parent's authority and spending the taxpayers hard earned money responsibly.

My Purpose

While serving as a member of the CCPS board

my duty is to oversee the $1.3 billion business called Collier County Public Schools, to make certain that CCPS adheres to the standards laid out by the Florida State Board of Education in the Florida State and Federal Constitutions, and to serve the constituents of my community with integrity, representing them to be integral in guiding and determining the direction and focus of the district.

My Values

My values reflect the values of my community.

I am a mama bear that will fight to uphold the values of this community.  I will ensure that all students are protected and parental rights are respected.  I have integrity and will operate with financial prudence, respect and diplomacy.  I have the courage to question and stand up to the status quo. 

August 23, 2022

 Kimberly Boobyer for Collier County School Board District 1


All voters registered in Collier County may vote for one school board candidate in each of the 3 districts that  are up for election.  

Districts 1, 3, and 5.

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Information and Events


About Me

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Passionate & Committed

I have always been passionate about children and serving my community and .  I am fully committed to whatever I endeavor to do.  My more than 20 years as a golf professional teaching, coaching and managing have given me strong leadership and excellent communication skills along with the exceptional ability to build trust and rapport with both individuals and teams.  I am ready and equipped to be a competent Collier County School Board Member.  

Passionate & Committed

I am a mother of a 16 year old daughter with Down syndrome.  I have devoted much of my life to working in various children’s ministries.  I am currently coaching youth golf with the PGA, LPGA and USGA sponsored First Tee Program of Collier County.  I am a class A volunteer with the Special Olympics here in Collier County. I am currently seeking a seat on the Collier county school board so that I can continue to serve and effect changes for children, my community, and my country that will minister to and restore the traditional values and principles that our nation once embraced.

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